Estimated Setup Time: Less than 5 Minutes Setup. 5 Easy Steps.

Quick Start Setup Guide

Difficulty Level = EASY


STEP 1: Create FREE BizSwoop Account

To access the BizPrint Service, you will need a BizSwoop Single Sign-on Account. The account is free to sign-up.

Sign-up for BizSwoop Account

Create A BizSwoop Single Sign-on Account

After registering, an activation email will be sent to the registered email address.
Clicking on the link activates the account. After account activation, login to account.

*Remember to check Spam folder for activation email from


Welcome To The BizPrint Dashboard

*BizSwoop Account Sign-in Required

BizPrint Print Dashboard

BizPrint Print Dashboard will provide all the information about your printing behavior, number of print jobs, connected printers and connected websites. Allowing you to easily manage your printing requirements.

STEP 2: Setup Printer Station

On the BizPrint Dashboard, Click + for setting up print stations

Quick Link to Stations


Create a Station Name


After Station is Created, Copy Public and Secret Keys

STEP 3: Download and Install BizPrint

The BizPrint App is used to send the print jobs from your website to your local machine which is connected to your printer. After installing the BizPrint App, installed local printers will automatically connect and register to the BizPrint Print Service.

Windows Download

x32 bit& x64 bit support

Install BizPrint Application, Launch App


Click Connect on the App


Paste Public and Secret Keys from your new “Station”


Click Submit – Success! You’re connected, way to go

Now the local printers are registered & connected to the BizPrint Service for use. You can view all the printers connected to the cloud print service under the Station you created in the BizPrint Dashboard.

Default Print Setting for Automatic Printing - Expand to Learn More

Important: If automatic printing is not functioning. We recommend you select the specific local printer as the Default Printer in settings for Windows or MacOS printers.

*Network Printers don’t require the Default Printer setting to be assigned. 

For Windows: To choose a default printer, select the Start button and then Settings. Go to Devices > Printers & Scanners > Select A Printer > Manage. Then Select Set as default.

For MacOS: To choose a default printer. Select Apple Menu > System Preferences, then click Printers & Scanners. Open Printers & Scanners Preferences. Click the “Default printer” pop-up menu, then choose an option. If you want the same printer to always be the default printer, choose that printer.

Power Sleep Mode - Expand to Learn More

Power Mode/Sleep Mode: For printing to occur, the device running the BizPrint Cloud app needs to be online and connected at all times to receive print jobs. We recommend disabling the Sleep/Idle/Nap mode for the device running the BizPrint Cloud app. 

*If the device goes into Sleep/Idle/Nap mode print jobs will not occur until the device comes back from the Sleep/Idle/Nap mode. Print jobs received while in Sleep/Idle/Nap mode will automatically be placed in archive status. If you want print jobs to print once the Sleep/Idle/Nap mode ends, disable the Archive print jobs setting under your BizPrint Cloud Dashboard > Settings.

Local PDF Directory - Expand to Learn More

Local PDF Directory: To enable local PDF storage. Once connected to the BizPrint Cloud service, select a local directory to store PDFs. Select the ‘Setup PDF Printer’ button to open file directory and select the location to store PDFs on your device.

STEP 4: Connect Your Website with Print Manager Plugin

Create Application Under BizPrint Dashboard

Quick Link to Applications


Create Name and Insert WordPress Website URL

After Application is Created. Copy Public and Secret Keys.

Download Print Manager for WooCommerce

The Print Manager plugin is used to send the print jobs from your WordPress WooCommerce website to the BizPrint Service for printing.

*NOTE: The computer must remain connected to the Internet and local printer in order to receive print jobs.


Let's Select an Installation Method

Step 1: Login to WordPress Admin Dashboard

Step 2: Click Plugins Menu Option

Step 3: Click Add New

Step 4: Search Keyword: BizPrint

Step 5: Click Install Now, after installation

Step 6: Click Activate

Step 1: Download the Latest Print Manager for WooCommerce Version

Don’t Worry. It’s a Free download!


Step 2: Login to WordPress Admin Dashboard

Step 3: Click Plugins Menu Option

Step 4: Click Add New

Step 5: Click Upload Plugin

Step 6: Click Choose File, Select the Downloaded Print Manager for WooCommerce Plugin ZIP File

Step 7: Click Install Now

Step 8: Click Activate

Yay! Print Manager for WooCommerce is Installed.

Paste Keys from BizPrint to WordPress plugin.

Under WooCommerce > Print Settings > Settings. Insert Application Public and Secret Keys.

Click Save Changes, Congrats! Your Website is connected to BizPrint

STEP 5: Add New Locations & Select Printers

Under WooCommerce > Print Settings > Locations.

Click Add New

Select a printer for the location

After selecting the printer, you can customize the location by selecting a print template, custom branding and other various settings.

Yay! You can now print orders directly from your website to your local printers.

Happy Printing.

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