Connect Your Printers To
WooCommerce With BizPrint Hub

Start Printing Instantly โšก

Print Ready Today

Easily connect your existing printers and start printing. BizPrint app & printing service come configured and update automatically.

Cloud Powered

Connect to internet with 2.4G/5G Dual-band Wifi, Bluetooth 5.0 or 1000Mbps LAN for instant printing when orders are received.

Fast Hardware

Performance built for for high volume printing powered by 4GB DDR4 & 128GB eMMC with Intel Celeron N4020, up to Burst 2.8GHz.ย 

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What is BizPrint Hub?

The hub is compact, pre-configured device to connect your printer to BizPrint Cloud, enabling printing from your WooCommerce Store.

If you are using your Mac, PC, or Linux computer happily, you donโ€™t need it!

However, many customers have asked for a small device to create one or more fulfillment stations throughout their business without using their own computers. This replaces the need for a computer, this is your solution!

Almost certainly, yes! BizPrint Hub runs Windows 10 Pro, as long as your printer can connect to Windows, it is compatible. You can connect your printer to the hub using USB, Wifi, Bluetooth or LAN.

Setup is simple, as the device comes pre-configured and updates automatically!

Technical specs

“The Hub worked perfectly to connect my printer to BizPrint.

We were using laptops around our business before and weโ€™re happy to replace the multiple print stations with a smaller footprint using the Hub.”


Does BizPrint Hub replace my computer running the BizPrint app?

Yes. The BizPrint Hub Hardware replaces the need for a computer. You connect the BizPrint Hub Hardware to your internet with WiFi or Ethernet connection.

No. A monitor is not required. The device can be operated headless without a monitor. After the device is connected to your local network you can remote into the device and manage all settings. During the initial setup, a monitor can be used to enable a Wifi connection. Or you can connect the device to your Ethernet cable for initial setup. If requested, we can pre-load your Wifi network information to not require a monitor or Ethernet cable to get started.

Yes. The BizPrint Hub is designed exactly for your type of businesses only using mobile based devices. The BizPrint Hub acts as your dedicated bridge to connect your mobile devices to BizPrint cloud service.

No. Connect unlimited number of printers and print unlimited number of print jobs using BizPrint Hub.

No. Setting up BizPrint Hub hardware is easy and fast with 3 simple steps. Turn on the device, connect to the Hardware and install your printers. But don’t worry if you have any issues with any steps were here to provide high-touch support with managed access to help any configuration required.

No. The device is small and can be placed in many locations or hidden from view. The dimensions are 10.75 ร— 5.75 ร— 2.44 cm and weighing only 0.7620352 kg the device disappears easily into your business environment.

Yes, you can return it. We do charge a 25% restocking fee for the United States and 30% for International. This covers the cost of shipping the device to you, and the return shipping cost.