What Hardware do I need for BizPrint?

Great question. All you need is a Printer and a Computer.

Can I use my own Printer?

Yes. 100% FACT! BizPrint supports any Printer. Regardless if the printer is from a popular printer manufacturer or a non-branded printer. If it prints, it works!

Company printer logo list of printer manufactures is not exhaustive. As we stated. We support all printers. We just don’t have logos for them all. 😉

Can I use my own Computer?

Yes. 100% FACT! BizPrint supports the following computer operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspbery PI.

Unfortunately, iOS and Android mobile apps are not supported. Due to the requirements of background services to be running on the device for automatic printing. Both platforms don’t support background services at this time. 😔 But don’t worry, checkout out BizPrint Hub as a solution.

What if I don’t want to use my Computer? or I use only Mobile Devices: Tablets, Phones & Kiosks.

Fully Optional Hardware. The BizPrint Hub could be a solution for your operation.

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“I already had all the Hardware needed to connect to BizPrint.

Using our current Thermal printers and Windows laptop we were printing in minutes.”